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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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from now. the black friday secret you won't find in the sale flyers. the one place that will save you a fortune guaranteed. first pictures of a rescue at sea. three teens stranded in a small boat for nearly two months. happy thanksgiving. it is a cold, cold night for shoppers waiting to be the first to cash in on the friday morning
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sales. the bay area is under a freeze warning tonight and the cold isn't the only thing we are dealing with. rain is on the way and is going to make for a wet weekend. jeff ranieri has exactly when the storm is rolling in. >> our third consecutive night of these temperatures that are near record levels. the storm system we are tracking is still offshore. right now in the immediate, we are still under this extremely cold dome of polar air across the bay area that will continue to drop the temperatures. 30 in fairfield, 39 in napa, 36 in navado, 36 in livermore. a freeze warning in the north bay and the east bay where conditions in the upper 20s to 30 degrees, through friday morning. if you are doing any shopping on
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the early side, waiting in those lines, 3:00 a.m. upper 20s, 6:00 a.m. mid to upper 20s, 9:00 a.m. 30s with sunny skies. bundle up. the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the pumpkin pie. that was all delicious. that is old news. the focus turns to the lines, the deals, the chaos. black friday is less than an hour away. many were getting an early start shopping on thanksgiving day. we are live at the mall where people are lining up. george, what is at the top of your list this year? >> reporter: to be warm. not to be cold. this is no longer just about shopping. this has become an event. people standing in line waiting for midnight for the great mall to open. take a look at this line behind me.
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this is one of five lines at the great mall. you have lines like this wrapped around the mall. the first 20 people, they've been out there for hours the rest just showed up within the hour. not everyone had been out in the cold for a long, long time. we asked people what they are standing in line for. there doesn't seem to be one that one item. some said new shoes, new clothes. what is driving people is get a jump on their holiday shopping list. many are not waiting. retailers realize they recognize they can make more money if they open earlier. black friday shoppers are shopping for themselves, their families and those less fortunate. >> i saw on the news that some people died so i'm here to buy coats and get some warm and buy some toys for togetherts.
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>> i don't think the economy is good enough to be focusing on one thing. everybody is looking for the necessities. >> reporter: the line is stretched out past old navy, group usa and sports authority. less than an hour until the great mall opens at midnight. if you are going to shop at kohl's you have to wait until 3:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. is gearing up for the busiest shopping day of the year. full length trains will run from 6:00 a.m. until close giving passengers room for being as and gifts. there is another bonus. more parking will be available since many regular commuters have the day off. 500 extra spaces were added.
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stay with nbc bay area online and on air starting at 4:30 a.m. we'll keep you posted on the traffic before you head out to the stores. >> every year. >> but you won't pay neiman marcus prices. a black friday secret that will put more green in your wallet. it is not what you get but where you get it that will keep your bank account from going in the red on black friday. just in, the first pictures of a miraculous rescue at sea as three teenagers stranded at sea for two months walked ashore. the boys left in a 12-foot aluminum boat for a short trip. they lost sight of land and spent the next 50 days sipping coconut water and fish they
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caught. now they are planning a welcome home feast and celebration. east bay rescue teams on a daring mission pulling a man to safety after he tumbled down a cliff. the hiker fell 30 feet down a rocky embankment. we have the dramatic video of the rescue. >> reporter: a chp helicopter comes to the rescue of a 20-year-old man. in minutes they lift the injured hiker and fly him to safety. firefighters say the young man was on a thanksgiving hike with his family and friends he decided to climb a cliff. the man fell 30 feet backwards with the boulder landing on his leg. the chp chopper landed on a patch of grass with medics ready to assist. the hiker has serious injuries,
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broken bones and severe injuries to his leg. an ambulance drove him to a medical center where he spent thanksgiving evening with his family. a south bay family is grieving tonight after devastating news from reoversea. 19-year-old man from san jose died yesterda he was killed during combat er operations in afghanistan. he was assigned to the first combat engineer battalion out of camp pendleton. a thanksgiving day plane crash killed a pilot today. a plane went down shortly after takeoff. a witness reported the crash four miles from the airport near the intersection of shore road and highway 25. recent rains made the area muddy and difficult for rescue vehicles to reach. the 28-year-old pilot was the only person onboard.
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a violent robbery at a medical marijuana dispensary. thieves brazenly shake down a pot club while patrons are inside. we speak to the owners who share exclusive surveillance video. >> reporter: you can see the suspects entering the dispensary. another camera angle shows them in the lobby, one getting a drink of water. all of a sudden complete chaos. the men jump up, pepper spray the receptionist and head into the back room while customers scramble out. the first suspect bursts through the door, jumping over the counter and beating up an employee. his accomplice unleashes pepper spray while the other steals marijuana. >> we have had a number of these
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cases in the last three, four months. >> the criminals got away with $1,000 worth of pot. they recognize one of the men as a former customer. >> there were customers who left prior to the police arriving. >> reporter: one employee and one customer are recovering after mace was sprayed directly in their eyes. when we come back, a surprise finish a at the big bone game. >> plus -- >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> we spend thanksgiving with the men and women in uniform on the front lines of afghanistan. >> they come back and play $25, $15. >> we found a way to save you more. it is the black friday shopping secret many retailers in the bay area don't want you tokn.know. >> you may be heating up leftovers, it feels like a freezer outside.
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low to mid 30s in the north bay as well as 30s in the south and east bay. more on this freeze warning and the ne onmelinen this rain comig our way in just minutes. people! look at you!
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she's making headlines once again. the home of madam heidi fleiss caught fire in nevada. she was inside but made it out just in time with her exotic birds. the chimney did not have a spark arrester. the former madame moved to nevada. >> tens of thousands of men and women in uniform are a long way from home the 95,000 troops in afghanistan in the bloodiest year yet. lester holt reports from kabul. >> reporter: duty called on this thanksgiving as it does every day in the war zone. for these soldiers in kabul, the holiday would have to take a
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back seat. >> going out every day is the normal thing. >> hi, mommy. >> reporter: when this war started there was no skype. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: now video chats provide virtual family get togethers. >> i love you. >> i think he thinks i live in the computer. >> reporter: mail helps a lot. >> makes me feel good. everybody is looking for me. >> reporter: thanksgiving is an american holiday but a universal sentiment. >> this has candy, snacks. >> reporter: the care packages have helped create a thanksgiving tradition. troops bag up the goodies for delivery to a kabul orphanage. >> it is a chance to give back to those in need.
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>> reporter: another camp edgar's tradition, the early morning turkey day run. in dining halls, troops enjoyed the true taste of home. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: it is not just those at home on their minds. >> i'm thinking about the other guys who are out not in a places safe and stable as ours. >> reporter: at an interdenominational service a message that rang home. >> dear god we thank you for the gifts in this life. >> reporter: we are reminds there are thousands of american civilians serving in the war zone and facing many of the same risks as the troops. san jose's sixth annual turkey trot brought out nearly 12,000 people to walk, run or
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wheel in the 5k and 10 k event. lisa kim took part. the event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for three local charities including the second harvest food bank. hold shoppers are getting ready for some of the biggest sails. tonight ashant blaise shows you thrifty to a new level. >> reporter: a place you can find everything from furniture to football helmets. >> scarves, clothing, anything. >> reporter: everything at a deep discount. >> it is fun to come places like this to find little things you wouldn't find any place else. >> reporter: the salvation army thrift store. >> i find good things at good prices. >> every year we get new
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merchandise. >> reporter: designer labels at a fraction of the price not to mention every friday clothing is 50% off. whether it is holiday shopping or holiday decorating, this place has got you covered. >> for about 50 bucks you can get a whole tree, lights, everything you want to have on your tree. >> reporter: this year the second hand shop is king for the holidays. >> black friday is going to be big. >> reporter: this buffalo exchange is packed with folks who have holiday shopping plans laid out. a strategy more important now than ever before as the economy begins to recover. >> the designer label can sticker shock people during christmas. they come here and pay $25. >> reporter: a little cash will ensure that shoppers have a very
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merry second hand christmas. >> so jeff, if you are nice and not naughty, i might get you one. >> my mom is waiting outside for my nephew's gift at toys "r" us. >> she is hardcore. >> i told her to send me a picture. >> what is on the list? >> i have no idea. let's take a look outside. san jose, temperature of 38 degrees. and i heard from my producer, dan, they are just letting 50 people in at a time. this is in winchester, right? right off of winchester in san jose. unbelievable. people bundled up in their coats and wearing lots of layers. you guys are crazy. getting the bargains. let's look at some maps. a winter storm watch for saturday. if you know anyone headed up there, there is another storm on
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saturday or if you are getting a late start, be forewarned. some seven feet in just a week. record-setting snow. it will make travel treacherous into sunday's forecast. meanwhile back home in the bay area it is about the freeze warning that stretches 400 miles across the state of california. this cold air is all over the west. this freeze warning is in effect throughout the morning with our coldest spot in the north bay. here for the east bay under that freeze warning with temperatures in the 20s. we've had the coldest morning today. tomorrow it is going to be cold. this is going to be the last of this freeze weather that we've had here. we will have a frost advisory for bayside communities, more moisture near the bay. a patchy frost is possible.
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30s out there. 35 in napa, 38 in san jose and 35 in livermore. near record territory across the bay area. the coldest weather in decades in some cases throughout the north bay. for friday the cloud cover increases that is in advance of the rain returning for this weekend. we are going to see cold air foush the east. that is going to make way for the next weathermaker as we see this cold front pushing into california. it is going to be more about the rain than cold air with this system heading into saturday's forecast. let's get you the timeline on this rainfall. 6:00 p.m. on friday still dry. cloud cover increasing. 6:00 a.m. on saturday rainfall starts. going to stay with us through 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 p.m. on saturday. saturday evening and through
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sunday looks dry. for the first part of your weekend we see the chance of rainfall. for the shoppers headed out, make sure you bundle up. rare cold area for the bay areas. 20s at 6:00 a.m. you are going to need the gloves and scarf at hat, too. temperatures in the mid 20s in the north bay and the low 30s in the east bay as we have been mentioning. tomorrow is going to rebound nicely with all of our sunshine, 55 in san jose, right at the peninsula low to mid 50s. we will see this trend into oakland and for the north bay as well after that record cold start. morning time on the weather channel on cable and get more on our seven-day forecast which has rain coming back for saturday. >> what you are saying it is a
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good time to dig down deep and get the winter gear out. >> get it out. you'll need the umbrella saturday. what would thanksgiving be without action on the gridiron. one school gets big bragging rights and they talking home tkg home a cal femur. big bone highlights next. a
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parade watchers thankful there was no rain on the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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millions watched on television as the rockettes kicked off the festivities. new giant balloons joined this year's lineup, kung fu panda. each balloon requires 70 handlers on the ground. kanye west and jessica simpson and no one leaves early otherwise they would miss old st. nick. he ends the parade. >> what is is going on with these balloons? we have some football. a lot of stuff going on. one ranked men's basketball team in action. that team may not be ranked for long thanks to cal. in the nfl the jets make a habit of winning ugly lately. would they keep againsttoi against the struggling bengals?
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sports is next. [ male announcer ] san francisco.
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it is thanksgiving. three things are guaranteed in our sporting world, overeating, holiday inspired trophies handed out and a bevy of college basketball tournaments. let's begin with the old spice classic. the only ranked team in action that would be temple. cal trying to topple the owls. jorge gutierrez draining the three. 46-45 cal. would they hang on? a little later in the half, trying to extend that lead. cal wins 57-50. stanford tipped off against murray state. the second half, the cardinal playing come from behind.
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the layup. that pulls stanford within five. 43-38. murray state with the answer under a minute to play. b.j. jenkins, stanford takes its first loss of the season. the warriors may be on the road but they may have been able to celebrate at mony ellis home. david lee was cleared for light conditioning. he could be back on the court as soon as saturday in minnesota. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without football. the night cap with the jets and bengals. new york trying to go 9-2. mark sanchez hooking up with santonio holmes for the touchdown. 13 yards. 17-10, the jets pull away. they win 26-10. some breathing room.
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in dallas today the cowboys hosting the saints and reggie bush playing in his first game. cowboys on top. drew brees goes to work. saint up 30-27. 30 seconds left for new orleans wins 30-27. to the motor city. the lions hosting. detroit always tough on thanksgiving. case in point we are tied in the fourth quarter. deion branch a busy guy. brady finding him for the 22-yard strike. three touches, pats roll 35-24. high school action today. a big day in golden gate park. the san francisco city championship. first half 7-0 washington. the eagles want more. that is a touchdown. 14-0 eagles. they had several more. they roll 36-6. in the south bay the big bone
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game. lincoln trying to continue ints win streak. lincoln about the ground game. they ran over san jose. robinson 150 yards on the ground. lions with the shutout. their 13th straight win. they take the big bone, the actual bone trophy. >> that is something you want to have in your house. >> for sure. >> we'll be right back with your black friday forecast.
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tt pp serhos. shoppers. rou forasect 3:00 6:00 and 9:00 a. temperatures in the 20s. by 9:00 a.m. mid to upper 30s. bundle up. >> that is your blue light special. thanks for joining us on nbc bay area news. trafo ticff andesatt traffic and we ather and developments you need to know before you go out


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